World-renowned sexologist from Australia with academic education and great experience.

Tantric healer.

Therapist of sexuality and love relationships.

Orgasms Coach.

Professional masseur. It has 5 degrees in the various techniques of body work and energy healing.

Workshop „Orgasm energy of the whole body”  Gdynia, Poland

I have learned during the workshop:

  • Open energy channels in the body of a woman.
  • Remove physical and energetic blockages in the female body.
  • Heal the belief system encoded in the subconscious of women.
  • Proper conduct unlocked energy, so that its free movement caused ecstatic states felt in the body, called the tantric orgasm / multi orgasm.
  • Harder to experience life and sexuality.

Seminar „New dimension of female sexuality” Sopot, Poland

During the seminar:

  • I got to know a full range, size and structure of the clitoris.
  • I learned the location of the G-spot and the ways to wake him up.
  • I got to know the truth about the female prostate and female ejaculation.
  • I learned the difference between ejaculation from the G and A point.
  • I got to know a detailed knowledge of the energy of orgasm in the entire body.
  • I learned more about the suppression of female sexuality.

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