Master of the esoteric tao sexology. He valued by famous sexologists for expanding awareness of the west of the secrets of human sexuality.

The world’s most famous teacher of the esoteric and practical Taoism.

As the first to break the barrier of open publishing and teaching the art of alchemy and Taoist yoga in the West.

Together with his wife leading international seminars on the esoteric science of sexology, medicine, emotions, mind and spirit.

Publisher of over 50 books translated into 24 languages, CDs, videos – training and theoretical. His books by many authors are indicated as one of the most valuable professional sources.

Master of body energy work, Chinese medicine and Qi Gong.

Director of the exclusive ski meditation and health Universal Tao Center and Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort in the beautiful northern part of Thailand close to the wonderful city of Chiang Mai.

The creator of your own development system – Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System which has collected and arranged the numerous spiritual, alchemy, magic and shamanistic practices of the Taoists.

The workshop „Healing work with sexual energy” Berlin

What I have learned from the master Mantaka Chia:

Tao of Female Sex

  • Detailed anatomy of female genital mutilation.
  • Reflexology of female sex organs.
  • Exercises to increase sexual energy of women.
  • Taoist female pleasure points.
  • Therapeutic sexual positions for women.
  • How to connect the mind, sexual organs and other organs in the human body in a healing system.
  • How to extend the regular orgasms on the whole body.
  • How to achieve intense multiple orgasms female ejaculation completed.
  • How to survive the orgasm energy throughout the body.
  • How to connect the heart, soul and sex.
  • What is an orgasm, what blocks it, how to achieve it.
  • How to become a multiple orgasm woman.
  • How to extend orgasm.
  • How to achieve energy orgasm.
  • Deep pelvic orgasm.
  • Taoist orgasm extended.
  • How to preserve sexual function.
  • Sexuality during pregnancy and after childbirth.
  • Practice strengthening the vagina and genital organs.
  • Sex and menopause.
  • How to experience the intense ecstasy that permeates the whole body.
  • Control the menstrual cycle.
  • Sex exercises breathing.
  • Sex organs and the brain.
  • The internal organs and the 5 Elements.
  • The secrets of the ancient Taoist Arts of Love.
  • Body clock.
  • Taoist sexual exercises – kung-fu ovaries.
  • Genital orgasm – orgasm centripetal.
  • Orgasm centrifugal.
  • Female sexual response cycles.
  • Clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm.
  • String orgasm – how to achieve orgasm the entire body.
  • Orgasm organs.

Tao of Male Sex

  • Detailed anatomy of the male genitalia.
  • Reflexology of male sexual organs.
  • Exercises to increase sexual energy of men.
  • A holistic approach to pleasure and sexual energy.
  • Techniques of healing love.
  • Taoist male point of pleasure.
  • Therapeutic sexual positions for men.
  • Energizing sexual positions.
  • Taoist sexual terminology.
  • Sex gymnastics .
  • Sex exercises.
  • What is the PC muscle, enhancement techniques.
  • Management of ejaculation.
  • Exercise control ejaculation.
  • Taoist foreplay.
  • 9 main points of love.
  • Taoist fun loving.
  • What is female ejaculation and how I achieve in women.
  • The best positions to stimulate the vagina.
  • How to experience multiple orgasms without losing an erection.
  • How to experience longer and more intense ecstasy that permeates the whole body.
  • How to increase your sexual energy and your vitality.
  • Taoist techniques of pushing
  • How to prevent premature ejaculation.
  • How to overcome impotence.
  • As a natural way to increase and strengthen the penis.
  • How to improve semen quality.
  • How to prevent and counteract problems with the prostate.


  • Strong relaxation techniques specific parts of the body.
  • Taoist bliss points.
  • Taoist massage the face, hands, neck, breasts, buttocks and thighs.
  • Sex massage – male and female.
  • Glands and organs massage.
  • Specialized vital organs massage in the human body.


  • Taoist identification and classification of energy in the human body.
  • The main phase of qi energy.
  • Basic energy channels.
  • Energy centers.
  • Pumps Energy – of skull and cross.
  • The law of conservation of energy.
  • How to balance the energies.
  • Male and female nergy.
  • Qi organs, glands, bones, blood, tendons and ligaments.
  • Transforming negative energy to life energy.
  • Sexual energy – creative force.
  • Three levels of sexual energy.
  • Healing techniques and the transformation of energy.
  • How to keep, process and transform sexual energy into life-sustaining energy.
  • Increasing sexual energy through visualization.
  • How to use its own energy resources to enhance sexual pleasure.
  • The exchange of energy with a partner.
  • Safety valves – safety work with the energies.

Taoist meditation

  • Meditation forces of life – meditation microcosmic orbit.
  • Purpose of Tao meditation.
  • Technique of inner smile.
  • The six healing sounds.
  • Breathing techniques: abdomen and diaphragm.
  • Visualization techniques.
  • Breathing energy.

I gained knowledge from the master Mantaka Chia in two ways:

  • Directly – workshops, training courses.
  • Indirectly – DVDs, books, ebooks, movies, etc.

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