Coach of the sex hypnosis.

Coach of seduction and flirting.

Coach of male-female relationships.

Blogger who writing about advanced techniques of seduction.

Student of biggest names in the world of seduction.

In 2008, he studied from Steve Piccusa, hypnotist and promoter of modern tantric sex.

Every year, he leads together with Brunet a seminar for men „Enlightened Lover

Seminar for Men „Enlightened Lover” Warsaw, Poland

During the seminar I gained the knowledge as:

  • Perform tantric massage
  • How to stimulate a woman’s body to ejaculate and achieve the multiple intense orgasms.
  • Achieve multiple orgasms in men.
  • The safe way to use hypnosis.
  • Introduce a woman in a sexual trance.
  • Excite a woman words using techniques of sexual language.
  • Remove feminine inhibitions and blockades against sex with erotic hypnosis.
  • Extend and enhance sexual orgasm through hypnosis.
  • Operate your voice during sexual trance.
  • Intensively relax the body and mind through hypnosis women.
  • Heighten the experience of women through the use of hypnosis sex.
  • Meet the real and unreal fantasies of women using hypnosis techniques sexual.
  • Bring a woman to orgasm without touching her body using only words.
  • Strengthen potency.
  • What to eat and what supplements used to improve the quality of your sex life.
  • The fully satisfy a woman.
  • Extend sexual indefinitely.
  • Bring a woman to madness through oral sex.
  • Instantly raise your energy state.
  • Elicit each other sexual vibration attracts women.
  • Guarantee extraordinary sensations woman through special sexual positions.

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