Tantric yogi.

Adept of traditional Himalayan path.

For several years, he follows the path of Tibetan tantra, and before more than 12 years of Zen.

He runs Tantra workshops and regular classes in the House of Tantra.

His specialties are meditation, breathing practices and tantric massage.

Massage techniques explores over 12 years with various teachers (tibetan massage, lomi-lomi, tantric: kundalini, Kashmiri, intimate).

It offers individual sessions Zen & Tantra coaching.

Workshop of ritual tantric massage „Traditional Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Massage”


Zenon D. Dorje nauczył mnie:

  • Professionally perform a deeply relaxing and healing the body Tantric Traditional Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Massage.
  • Connect the heart, body and soul in one healing system.
  • Activate and cleanse the chakras.
  • Introduce the body in the bliss state.
  • Communicate with myself.
  • To open up the internal flow of vital energy.
  • Activate the flow of energy through the special body postures.
  • Prepare the body for the tantric massage.
  • Clearly communicate your needs and boundaries.
  • Tantric meditation, breathing ShivaShakti which creates a unique relationship between the partners and combining spirituality with sexuality as a preparation for massage.
  • Growing knowledge of the wheel consent (through new exercises), communication tools that avoids confusion and creating a safe space and openness to accept.
  • Proximity renewing expired sexual bond.
  • New dimensions corporeal and spiritual pleasure.

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