Tao Tantra Temple Mission


You will experience:

  • enormous whole body orgasms
  • supernal female ejaculation, which you will be reborn anew
  • energy tantric orgasm, which recharges every single cell of your body delightful vibration
  • giant excitement and desire through the awakening of the taoist bliss points
  • sexual surprise through intensive sensitization of the body

You will liquidate:

  • sexual frigidity
  • orgasm problems
  • aversion to sex
  • lack of feelings


You will feel:

  • free and liberated
  • proud to be born a woman
  • exceptionally and luxuriously
  • loved and admired
  • happy and joyful

You will defuse:

  • painful and blocking past experience
  • concern about the uncertain future
  • overwhelming thoughts of work and responsibilities of everyday life
  • confused thoughts experiencing a state of being here and now
  • feelings of sadness and depression
  • harassing mood swings


You will experience:

  • unification of body, mind and spirit in a healing system
  • connection with higher reality and the amazing feeling of divine care
  • spiritual awakening will – to follow the inspiration
  • develop clairaudience – hearing your inner voice
  • acceptance of their uniqueness
  • Internal fulfillment
  • discovering dimensions beyond the body

You will defuse:

  • the fear
  • futility and uncertainty of life
  • insane materialism
  • fanatical rationality
  • inner emptiness


You will experience:

  • relaxation bliss in every cell of your body
  • love and acceptance for your body
  • revitalization of the whole organism
  • liberation of vitality and life
  • healing of organs and glands

You will liquidate:

  • armor fossilized locks
  • pain in the body
  • skin problems



You will experience:

  • awakening supernatural female potential
  • awakening of innovation and creativity in private and professional life
  • increase the vitality of your body
  • attracting desirable things – the revival of magnetism
  • abundance and generosity of the universe
  • attraction of friendly people
  • creativity in expressing their ideas and ideas
  • effortless meet their needs
  • an increase in intellectual capacity


Tao Tantra Temple guarantees:

  • safety, discretion and inner peace
  • professionalism and experience
  • individual approach to your body, mind and soul
  • warmth, joy, openness and understanding

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