„The beginning is the most important part of the work”.


My history


It all started from sex …

When I was in stable relationship in 2008. I was paid attention to sexual life in a particular way. In that time I wanted to be a master of sex only for her. I began the search for knowledge about various sexual techniques, but in those days there was very little practical information. One day I read an article about a Chinaman who was known that he could make love with several women in one evening, without losing the energy and vigor. What’s more, he felt even better after a sleepless night …

For a long time I wondered how can he do that. There was any informations about his secret sexual
techniques. I decided myself to find answers to my questions. I was a teenager, so I was in a lot of sexual desire, more than enough.

One day I decided with my girlfriend  that we should beat the record in achieving orgasms. We reached 8.

I was proud, but I fell from exhaustion. I slept maybe a several dozen hours after the intimate ecstasies, and for a few days I felt incredibly weakened. I thought that I made some mistake, because the Chinese was full of energy and I was exhausted. My body needed 3 days to regenerate. Since then, I became interested in the Far East sexuality by reading a lot of books, e-books and participated in online courses for students of the art of love.


I joined the National School of Massage Bio Studio, because I have been always fascinated by the healing touch. I wanted to be a professional masseur in my secret dreams.

Already during the training I took for intensive practice. I massaged regularly all family members and many friends and colleagues from the School of Massage. Each of my treatment was free, because I wanted to gain a lot of experience.

I will remember the National School of Massage Bio Studio for a lifetime, because it was the first institution from which I received two documents confirming the fact that I became a professional masseur. Completion Diploma of Vocational Massage course with the right to exercise treatments and certificate of the Ministry of National Education (MEN) confirming completion of training in massage.

Moreover, National School of Massage Bio Studio   instilled in me a fascination for the Far East treatments. From that moment I began an intensive search of oriental knowledge. As soon as I received diplomas immediately invested my savings in the massage bed and all the necessary accessories. I had more orders. Family and clients have told me that they feel an incredible energy in my hands and convinced me that I was called to this, to help people through the work of the body.


After continuous search for answers to my questions I came across a taoist sexuality and tantra. I was very lucky, because one day fell into my hands Mantaka Chia’s literaturę -the master of the mystic sexology. Reading and practicing more and more I noticed amazing changes in my body, mind and spirit with every coming day. Since then I use Far East knowledge in my work with the female body.


I did not stop further development. I implemented in your life not only Tantra, Taoism and the tao of sex, but also started strongly interested in the general self-development, hypnosis, love relationships, longevity, the Far East dietetics and the natural bodybuilding and fitness.

I wanted to learn from respected teachers from Poland and foreign.


Paweł Jan






















Maciej Merlin




Squirting* Multiple Orgasms * Sexual Hypnosis * Sex Master


My next step of development was a trip to Warsaw i order to participate in live training „Enlightened Lover” led by Brunet and Adept.

Brunet instructed me how to give a tantric massage, how to stimulate a woman’s body to lead to ejaculation with multiple intense orgasms and what to do to become a Sex Master.

I learned all about sexual hypnosis from Adept – Martin Szabelski. I was fascinated by the fact that there is possibility to deeply relax entire woman’s body and mind only using the words.What more, sexual hypnosis can remove inhibitions and blockades. It was incredible for me that only through hypnosis you can give intesive sexual stimulation to women, and bring it to a strong orgasm, which can be further extended and amplified.

Training with Adept and Bruet aroused my involvement in the search for detailed knowledge of the development of the mind and body of women.

The more I know, the more questions I had. I wanted a deeper understanding of the woman’s energetic body and at the same time I dreamed of a teacher who will give me the appropriate certificates supported by the Ministry of Education.

Biomasaż * Energoterapia

After searchings for a long time I came across Grzekorz Halkiew founder and director of the Academy of Vocational Training „Naturopathic Practitioner” esteemed teacher of tantra, shamanism, bio massage, energy healing, energy hypnosis, NLP and family settings by Bert Hellinger.

For two weeks I stayed with Grzegorz Halkiew in comfort near Warsaw – Adamowizna studying and practicing massage the whole body through energy. This wonderful man gave me the knowledge of how to organize and cleanse the aura of the man and immediately pointed to the course and the main meridians of acupuncture points.

Moreover I learned clean and restore the flow of energy in the chakras and energy pathways of man. He explained to me in practice how to use acupressure on selected acupuncture points. Told how to relax and harmonises the human body by renewing its vitality. I learned techniques for unlocking suppressed emotions to help relieve depression. I got knowledge to rejuvenate the skin, regulate the hormonal balance of the body, improve metabolism, relieve back pain, improve the body’s resistance and support treatment of all diseases.

Grzegorz Halkiew showed me the Indian art of massage with hot basalt stones of volcanic origin and treatment moksowania, which consists of thermal stimulation of acupuncture points glowing cigar with Chinese herbs. Seeing how I’m involved in learning new techniques of working with the human body taught me also perform operations ear candling derived from traditional Chinese folk medicine.

After completing the practical exam Academy of Vocational Training „Naturopathic Practitioner” led by Grzegorz Halkiew gave me the necessary documents confirming the fact that I gained professional PROFESSION BIO MASSEUR recommended by naturopaths Cech and hypnotists and the Ministry of Education.

It was a milestone in my life, because I honestly answered to myself on two important questions:

What do I want to do with my life?

Why do I want to do it?

„The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”.

Mark Twain

Healing with Sexual Energy * Tao of Sex and Love *Taoism

My greatest desire was to participate in a live training with the master of esoteric Taoism and sexology Mantaka Chia. I dreamed about it, to see on my own eyes my book’s mentor. I wanted to ask him personal questions which I could not find answers in books. At that time the request was unrealistic, because the trip to Thailand was associated with huge costs. But someone in advance listened to my requests, and one day I got a message that Master Mantak Chia embarks on a training tour of Europe and will be in Berlin.

My joy knew no end, and without thinking redeemed participation in training „Healing work with sexual energy ” run by the same Mantaka Chia. It was an amazing experience, when I saw on live how the various techniques of the master affect on the human body.

Mantak Chia taught me powerful techniques how to heal myselve and others using sexual energy. He explained the work of the energy centers of the body indicating centers, pumps and energy channels. He realized how to preserve, process and transform sexual energy into life-sustaining energy. He passed the secret knowledge of the former Far East art of love Tao of Sex.

I learned from the teachings of the master Mantaka Chia how to combine energy sexuality, heart and soul into a healing system.

Participation in the training gave me the unique opportunity to talk directly with the master, which dispelled all doubts and uncertainties associated with the esoteric sexuality.

Tantric Energy Orgasm* Unblocking Body * Female Sexuality

My next teacher was Andrew Barnes. World-renowned sexologist from Australia impressed me the incredible healing of non-contact work with a woman’s body on the level of energy.

I went to Gdynia to personally participate in its copyright workshop, „Orgasm energy throughout the body.”

Andrew Barnes showed me how to open the energy channels, delete, physical and energetic blockade, then to properly lead the unblocked energy to the tantric orgasm through the entire body of a woman.

Then I went to Sopot, to listen to his seminar „The new dimension of the female sexuality.” I learned everything about the female clitoris, G-spot awakening, the female prostate and female ejaculation from the G and A Spot . Moreover, I was introduced to detailed knowledge about energy orgasm the whole body and the negative emotions that block female sexuality.

Tantric Massage * Tantra * Meditation


During the workshop with Andrew Barnes I met extraordinary yogi Zenon D. Dorje, who studied for over 12 years tantric massages with different teachers.

He conducts workshops and regular classes of Tantra in the Tantra House in Poland and abroad. After direct conversation with the Zenon I realized that I have to take advantage of his valuable knowledge of the work of the female body. Soon I got a message from the House of Tantra about the upcoming workshop of the ritual tantric massage titled „Traditional Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Massage ” led by Zenon D. Dorje. My decision was immediate.

I’m going !!!

During the workshop I learned mystical ShivaShakti breathing meditation and  I deepened knowledge of the wheel of consent. I learned how to prepare the body for the tantric massage and then how to give a professional intimate and healing the whole body Tantric Traditional Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Massage. What more, I mastered the special postures activate the flow of energy in the human body.

Journey of Life – INDIA

My next unreal dream which became a reality, was alone trip to India. I was getting to know the culture and customs of this spiritual country for 5 weeks. I spoke directly with Indian tantric masters and Hinduism mentors. I participated in Ayurveda, closely observing the various techniques of massage. I learned dietary and lifestyle by the oldest holistic medical system – Ayurveda.

But my greatest fascination aroused in Kamasutra complex of temples in Khajuraho. It was the place where I saw with my own eyes that the combination of sexuality and spiritual development of man is on the agenda.

India was my journey of life because I experienced all human emotions in this country. From the fullness of happiness, disgust to the deep gratitude for who I am, where I come from and what I aspire.

„If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Walt Disney


During all this personal way of education I came to a very key findings when it comes to working with the female body.

  • Every woman is different.
  • Every woman has different expectations, needs or intentions.
  • Every woman has personal energy blocks which suppress the healing sexuality.
  • Every woman reacts differently to various massages and techniques for working with sexual energy.
  • Every woman is unique and deserves to be happy.
  • Every woman needs an individual approach to work with her body.
  • Every woman should feel full of pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

The knowledge gained from world-famous masters and made countless sessions with female body has led me to a point in my life, where I know exactly what techniques work best for each type of energetic women. Through a deep observation and being here and now I adapt best holistic healing methods.

When performing tantric session, usually using the knowledge of taoist sexology and tantra. In addition, I use in my practice elements of hypnosis, visualization, classical massage, bio massage, tantric massage, erotic tao massage, musictherapy, aromatherapy, Western sexology, massage and Ayurvedic therapy, Chinese medicine, reflexology, energy healing, psychology and sex and love coaching.

Experience, knowledge and personal insights helped me to create my original Tantric Tao Tantra Temple Seance putting great emphasis on an individual approach to the female body, mind and spirit.

„The knowledge we gain from others, but wisdom have to learn ourselves”

Adam Mickiewicz

Further Development

Is it the end of my development?

Have I already known everything about healing the female body and mind?

Of course not!

I greet all waking up …

TaoMan – Radosław Kawalerski

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